Electricity Sparks Inside Of Me eBook

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Electricity Sparks Inside Of Me eBook

Jack Grady left small town Arkansas behind to start a new life in the big city of Washington, DC, and he’s encouraged when he meets Evan Roderick. Though the attraction is instant, Jack has to leave without getting Evan’s number. Imagine Jack’s surprise when on his first day as a private school’s orchestra teacher, he finds that Evan is a teacher there too.

After a few awkward encounters, they decide not to pursue more—despite their mutual attraction—and a protested school production of Rent only feeds Jack’s fear of homophobia. He faces a host of challenges: the demands of his new job, coming to terms with his sexuality and coming out to his family, and supporting his emotionally fragile sister will all vie with his growing love for Evan as Jack tries to decide what kind of life he wants to live.

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Release Date: February 23, 2011 ISBN-13: 978-1-61581-800-6 Pages: 160 Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Extended Excerpt

Jack pushed open the door to the club and stopped just inside, looking around the dark and crowded space. A DJ bopped his head behind the turntable, and moving bodies filled the dance floor.

He hesitated for a moment; he’d never been in a gay club, but it was his first week in a new city, the first week of his new life, and he wanted to mark the occasion by doing something he’d always wanted to do. He walked in and headed toward the bar, pushing his way past a few guys who were standing in his path, murmuring “Excuse me” as they turned to get a look at him.

He finally got to the bar and stood with his foot on the rail, leaning against the top and waiting for the bartender to notice him. He thought it might be a long wait, seeing as the bartender was dancing along to the music in between pouring drinks and chatting with a guy at the end. Jack glanced over, checking him out.

What he saw had Jack taking a second look: the guy was tall, seriously tall, and he had a great body, and his pants…. Jack couldn’t help dropping his eyes to where the guy’s skintight pants were showing off his considerable assets. He hastily raised his eyes, embarrassed to be outright ogling some guy’s cock just minutes after he’d gotten in the bar. Okay, the guy also had a nice face, and twinkly earrings, and an amazing smile.

In fact, this guy seemed genuinely happy to be alive, his laugh booming out at something the bartender said to him as he doubled over from what looked like pure glee. His happiness was like some kind of force field, because Jack felt totally drawn to him. He certainly had never seen anyone like him in Little Rock. (People in Arkansas didn’t glitter, as a rule.)

He was startled when the guy caught his eye and nodded at him, and he nodded back, feeling his face grow warm. Then the guy leaned over and said something to the bartender, who finally looked at Jack and headed his way.

“Hi, there. Sorry I kept you waiting. What’ll it be?”

“Uh, a beer? Whatever’s good that you have on tap.”

“Coming right up.”

Jack glanced over, and the guy was still looking his way, a small smile playing on his face. The bartender pulled the tap, and beer foamed into the glass, but when Jack reached into his pocket, he shook his head.

“Oh no. This is on that gentleman over there,” he said, jerking his head toward the guy at the end of the bar, and then he moved away to wait on someone else.

Jack looked over at the guy and nodded, giving him a smile. It was the least he could do in the face of such friendliness.

“Thanks,” he mouthed and wasn’t surprised when the guy flashed a huge grin, picked up his drink, and sauntered over to him.

He wasn’t surprised, but he was more than a little nervous. He suddenly realized that being “friends with benefits” with his college roommate for two years hadn’t prepared him in the least for a gay pickup scene. Especially not with a guy who looked like that.

“You’re welcome,” the guy said in a surprisingly light and musical voice.

Jack’s mouth opened when he got a look at him close-up, he was that good-looking. The guy was staring back at him with an alarming amount of interest, and Jack found his eyes oddly mesmerizing, with their gray-blue color ringed by smoky eyeliner. Yeah, Jack had definitely never seen anyone like him in Little Rock.

“I’m Evan, by the way,” the guy said and extended a hand covered with rings.

Jack took his hand and felt a jolt of energy. Fuck, this guy was so alive he practically crackled. He looked up into Evan’s smiling face as he towered over him and felt something akin to falling for just a second before the world righted itself and he got a hold of himself again.

“Jack,” he said. Evan showed no signs of letting go of his hand, and Jack was okay with that. He reckoned he could hold Evan’s hand and look at his face for a long time before he got tired of it.

“Jack,” repeated Evan in a thoughtful tone. “How come I’ve never seen you in here before? I’m sure I would’ve noticed you.”

Warmed by the admiration in his glance, Jack said, “Oh, uh, probably because I’m new to town.”

Evan let go of his hand to pick up his drink. “New? Oh, well, welcome to Washington, DC. I hope you’ll like it here.”

“Do you like it?” Jack wasn’t usually this direct right off the bat, but something about Evan inspired him.

“Hmmm,” said Evan, staring off into space while Jack admired his profile. “I like a lot of it. The traffic sucks, and it’s humid as hell in the summer, and everyone’s a workaholic. But there’s good nightlife and cultural stuff, the museums are to die for, and there’s a pretty substantial gay community. And I guess I like the fact that most people here are up to something with their lives. They live here because they want to make a difference, and I like that.”

Jack took in Evan’s torrent of words, grateful that he was so chatty. There was something generous about him, Jack decided, studying the freckles on his bottom lip.

“But what about you?” Evan asked. “Where did you move from? You sound Southern.”

Jack shook himself from his lip reverie. “Yep. I’m from Arkansas.”

Evan’s face lit up. “Wow, a true Southern boy.”

Huh. Why was that so exciting? But Evan was talking again, and he forced himself to focus.

“What brings you to the big city?”

Evan’s friendly interest had Jack relax, and he found himself chatting as if to an old friend, telling him about recently graduating with a major in music education, and his plans to start teaching high school orchestra. Evan listened intently, even while being continually interrupted by people greeting him as they went by. He seemed to be as popular as he was good-looking, and Jack kept expecting him to run off, but he appeared content to stick by Jack’s side.

“What?” Jack realized Evan had asked him something, which he had missed in his daze.

“I said do you want to dance?”

Without waiting for an answer, Evan grabbed his hand and steered him onto the dance floor. Okay, Jack wasn’t confident about this, having never been known for his dancing ability, but what the hell. He watched Evan gyrate through a series of moves, admiring his lithe body and doing his best to follow suit as Evan laughed at his attempts and he laughed back, somehow not offended.

The music changed to a slow number, and Evan pulled him in, circling his waist with one arm and putting his other hand in his hair. He rested his cheek against Evan’s chest, breathing in his scent of vanilla and leather, and snaked his arm around his back. Evan was big and warm, his body vibrating with life, and Jack snuggled in without even thinking about it, then smiled as he felt Evan’s gentle chuckle. Now this was something he could get used to, he thought dreamily.

Evan’s hand strayed downward until it cupped his ass, and Jack tightened his hold around Evan’s body, drinking in the warmth, the feeling of being held and surrounded. He could feel Evan’s hard cock pressing against him, and he pressed into it, which caused Evan to shudder and then pull him in even tighter, his hand now kneading his ass, his lips ghosting along his temple. God, he’s huge. The thought darted into Jack’s mind amid a storm of pleasurable sensations.

So turned on he could barely think, Jack tried to take a breath. He’d never come close to being this sexual on a dance floor before. Actually, he’d never been on a dance floor with a man before, so that probably had something to do with it. In a fit of daring, he put his hand on Evan’s ass, and Evan hummed and ground himself against him. They were barely moving now, just hands on asses, grinding into each other, and Jack suppressed a moan, feeling like he could come just like this. Evan moved his mouth to his ear, his breath warm as he whispered,

“Fuck, Jack, I…. Can I kiss you?”

A thrill moved through his body, and Jack nodded, raising his face as Evan’s lips came down on his, warm and insistent. He opened his mouth to let Evan in and ran his hand up Evan’s chest to rest on his cheek, allowing Evan to control the kiss, his knees almost giving out as Evan ran his tongue along his bottom lip, then sucked it gently into his mouth. Evan made a pleased noise and slipped his fingers under Jack’s shirt; Jack shivered at the feeling of Evan’s hand on his skin, caressing the small of his back.

Jack forgot he was in the middle of a club and let go completely, losing himself in the sensation of Evan’s mouth on his, his tongue dancing with Evan’s, while Evan moved his hand down inside his briefs to the top of his crack, their cocks rocking together.

Buzz. He came to with a start at the vibrating of his cell phone in his front pocket and broke away with a groan.

“Shit,” he gasped, hating to let go of Evan. “I’m sorry, but I just have to check—” He looked down at the phone and cursed inwardly. “I—I’m so sorry, but I have to take this call. Don’t… don’t go away, okay?”

Looking kind of stunned, Evan nodded and stepped back from Jack.

Tightening his jaw, Jack pushed his way outside and pressed Send.

The sound of sobbing greeted his ear.


More sobbing and a few gasps.

“Shelly, what’s going on?”

Jack walked around in a circle, trying to curb his impatience, looking in through the window of the club to see if he could still see Evan.

“Sorry.” Shelly’s voice wobbled. “I had to talk to you. I just can’t go on, Jack. It’s too hard.”

Jack’s heart sank. If all signs were correct, this was not going to be a short phone call, but Evan…. Telling Shelly to hold on, he went back into the club and walked through the dance floor, looking for Evan.

He finally spied him dancing in a small group of guys near the bar, then breaking away, laughing, and leaning over to talk to the bartender. Jack walked all the way up to him, the noise prohibiting him from being heard, and touched his shoulder.

Evan turned around and looked at him, then glanced down at the phone in his hand and raised his eyebrows.

“I’m really sorry,” Jack stammered out, “but I really need to talk to this person, and it may take a while. Um… I….”

“No problem,” Evan said breezily. “Nice to meet you, Jack. Good luck with everything, and welcome to DC.”

Jack hesitated. That was it? Feeling foolish, he nodded and turned away, then turned back, but Evan was already back on the dance floor, and another guy was moving in to put his hands on Evan’s shoulders. Oh. This Evan guy was obviously a player.

Forget him, Jack told himself and put the phone back to his ear as he pushed open the door.