What happens when a cruise ship romance crashes on the rocky shores of reality?

Jonathan Vallen, a gentle musician who loves to garden, is failing miserably at running his father’s Boston company. When hotshot executive Marco Pellegrini takes over, a humiliated Jonathan moves to Cape Cod and spends a year transforming from an insecure duckling into a sexy swan. Jonathan meets Marco again on an LGBTQ Caribbean cruise and when Marco doesn’t recognize him, Jonathan pretends to be someone else for the week—Jonah Rutledge—someone good enough to be loved.

Back on land, the romance crashes when Marco discovers who Jonah really is. While Marco struggles to understand the deception, Jonathan resolves to win back Marco’s trust. They’ll need to battle their own fears as well as a vindictive challenge from Jonathan’s father to discover whether their cruise ship romance was merely a fantasy or the answer to their hearts’ desires.

2nd edition, unchanged


Cover Artist: L.C. Chase