Hello All! I love October, it’s my birthday month and Halloween all wrapped into one. I thought I’d post another snippet from The Kinsey Scale for Rainbow Snippets today.

Eric’s ex-boyfriend Jerry has agreed to pretend to be his current boyfriend but he has asked for some things in return, one of them getting to design Eric’s Halloween costume. In my last Rainbow Snippet Eric and Will had gone to see the Fall leaves. Today’s snippet takes place when they return to the dorm and Jerry is waiting with Eric’s Halloween creation. It’s red and sparkly and leaves nothing to the imagination. Eric hides in the bathroom for a moment, reluctant to show off his assets to roommate Will, then chides himself for being stupid and…


Eric lifted his chin, opened the door, and took a slow, campy stroll into the room.

“Well?” he purred as he struck a pose. “What do you think?”

Will turned red and made a choking sound as Jerry clapped his hands with a delighted smile. “Exquisite! Hold on, I’ve got the naughtiest set of devil horns.” He opened his satchel and peered in.

Eric braved a glance at Will. He wanted to say something like, “Get used to it, darling. My fabulousness cannot be contained,” but all that came out was “That bad, eh?”

“No.” Will coughed. “Not bad. Not bad at all.”


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