Hello, All! Welcome to Rainbow Snippets. We enter the Christmas season this month. I love Christmas trees and Christmas lights, and needless to say, my home is already decked out for the holidays.

Today I bring you a snippet from Home is Where the Christmas Trees Are.  This is a short story from a Dreamspinner Holiday Anthology.


Dex piloted his tree-laden car through the Whiteaker, which had become quite the hipster brew-pub neighborhood since he was a kid, searching for Ed’s house number. Once Ed had heard about the tree on the phone, he’d insisted on helping Dex, telling him to come over because he had loads of extra ornaments, a stand, everything.

He pulled up in front of a cozy Craftsman-style house, somehow not surprised to see a Christmas tree twinkling in the front window, a wreath on the door, and the porch railing adorned with colorful lights. He was more surprised to find a lump in his throat as he walked up Ed’s sidewalk.

The door opened before he reached it and Ed stood there, a warming sight in his jeans and sweater, his dark hair tumbled over his forehead, his glasses catching the colors of the lights on the railing.