Hi everyone! Welcome to Rainbow Snippets.

I’ve been working on edits for Pattern for an Angel, a story that will be included in Dreamspinner’s Holiday Anthology so I thought I’d give you a taste today. Here’s the working blurb:

Hospice nurse Gabe Martin is only 25 years old, but his main priority is raising Ian, his adopted 5-year-old son. Gabe would like a partner but has put dating on hold because of Ian. His son won’t wear anything but dresses at home and wants to be an angel for his kindergarten holiday pageant. When Gabe visits a sewing store to get help making Ian’s angel gown, he’s assisted by a bewitching employee named Loren, and life changes.

Loren Schuster is a genderfluid drag queen who uses he/him pronouns and likes wearing feminine clothes in everyday life. He recently had a bad break-up that killed his interest in serious relationships. But he reconsiders that stance when Gabe Martin walks into the shop—a gorgeous single dad who wants to help his son wear an angel gown. The only problem is, Loren doesn’t know how to sew.

Through a crash sewing course via YouTube videos, Loren manages to make the angel gown. But more importantly, Loren supports Gabe in helping Ian express himself the way he longs to—in public as well as at home. Along the way, Gabe and Loren overcome their initial hesitations and, with Ian, create a new pattern for their lives.

Snippet (a little longer than 6 lines):

Loren added days up swiftly in his head. Today was Saturday. Goddess willing, he could teach himself how to use a sewing machine in a week. “How about coming back next Saturday, and we’ll get it done then?”

“Yay!” Ian for one was overjoyed.

“Sounds good.” Gabe held out his phone. “Let’s exchange phone numbers.” Then he blushed. “I mean, just in case we need to cancel or something.”

Ian huffed. “Dad. We’re not going to cancel.”

“I’m sure you won’t.” Loren took his phone from underneath the cash register and handed it to Gabe. “Here you go.”

Their fingers brushed. Loren shivered as the touch surged through his body like a promise, or a warning. He wasn’t sure what was happening anymore. If all it amounted to was helping out a darling boy and his darling dad during the holidays, it still was worth braving a whole new world—even one made of bobbins and thread.