NOW IN KU FOR THE FIRST TIMEAll the Way to Shore, Runner-Up for Best Bisexual Book, Rainbow Awards 2017.


What happens when a cruise ship romance crashes on the rocky shores of reality?

Poor-little-rich-boy Jonathan Vallen, the reluctant heir to Vallen Industries, clashes with new CEO Marco Pellegrini, a self-made man and rising star in business, who is brought in to salvage the company. When they meet again on an LGBTQ Caribbean cruise, Marco doesn’t recognize Jonathan, who has spent a year transforming from an ugly duckling into a very sexy swan. After Marco shows interest and sparks fly, Jonathan reluctantly assumes a false identity, egged on by his cousin Anthony. None of them expect a shipboard fling to deepen into true love.

Back on land, the romance crashes when Marco discovers his perfect man is not only a lie but the son of his boss, Frederick Vallen. Jonathan resolves to win Marco back, but Frederick takes vengeful action. Jonathan and Marco must battle their own fears as well as Frederick’s challenge to get to the future that awaits them on the horizon.


REVIEWS: “I was glued to the pages, entertained, and outraged in turn as I followed Jonathan and Marco on their path to love, watching each of them grow into a better man by the end of the story. If you like sweet romances with a bit of angst and a few twists and turns, if two men who are made for each other yet almost miss that fact since they’re hiding behind masks life has forced them to wear, and if you’re looking for a read that is in turn funny, emotional, suspenseful, and always super romantic, then you will probably love this novel as much as I do.” – Rainbow Book Reviews

“This book has all the elements I look for in a romance novel – well-fleshed out, complex main characters with imperfections, a believable romantic relationship, a realistic stumbling block derailing the romance for a little while, and a wonderful supporting cast. Add to that the underlying theme of figuring out who you really are, and what you really want out of life, and I was hooked.” – My Fiction Nook

“I really liked this book. It had a few twists and a few surprises which keeps you hanging (in a good way). The main characters were solid and very real. Locations was wonderful. Boston, a cruise ship, and the Caribbean. The supporting characters were funny and very entertaining. There’s even a cat named Bunny. It was all around great. […] I highly recommend this book. If you love Boston, cruise ships, romance, flamboyant supporting characters and love to see the underdog rise to the top, you will also love this book. Get this book. You won’t be sorry.” – Gay Book Reviews

“There are a lot of reasons to read or listen to . It’s funny,sweet and it will take you to amazing, romantic locations. You’ll fall in love with the characters and cheer for their happy ending, holding your breath waiting to see if Jonathan and Marco would kiss and make up.” – @anabelam on BookBub