Life is good for Eric Brown, a happily single theater major with a great group of friends. But then Will Butler—fellow senior, co-RA, and the cutest guy Eric’s ever seen—walks into his dorm. Will has a sweetheart he sees off campus—a minor disappointment that becomes a major problem when a housing shortage causes Will and Eric to become roommates, and Eric is forced to witness Will’s hotness day in and day out. He persuades his ex-boyfriend to pretend they’re still together in a vain attempt to protect himself, but it doesn’t save Eric from losing his heart.

Will Butler has never believed in himself. Although he’s loved music since childhood, he’s never seriously considered pursuing it. Then he and Eric Brown become roommates, and everything changes. Eric believes in Will and his talent. He’s also gorgeous and playful and fast becoming Will’s best friend. And that’s not good, because Will is hiding some big things, not only from Eric, but from himself.

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If you’ve been following along on The Kinsey Scale Scavenger Hunt, you’ve seen our two heroes, Eric and Will, getting closer and closer, despite Eric believing Will is straight and Will believing Eric and Jerry are boyfriends. This excerpt takes place during the opening night cast party for the college production of Wicked in which Eric plays a leading role. One obstacle to Eric’s and Will’s HEA is about to be torpedoed…


“Whooooo!” Eric pumped his fist and shook his butt to the music. Opening night had gone great, he was at his theater professor’s elegant home getting drunk on celebratory champagne, all of his friends were there dancing, and life was good.

Tyrone danced with him, laughing and whooping. “We did it, baby! And we were great.”

“Yes, we were,” Eric yelled.

When the song ended, he went in pursuit of another drink. As he got to the side of the room where the booze was lined up in shiny bottles, he saw Will standing there.

“Well, hey there, roomie, I didn’t see you come in. How’d you like the play?”

“Awesome. You were amazing.” But Will’s face didn’t match his words. He had a funny expression. “Um… Eric—”

“Have some champagne.” Eric filled a glass for Will and then saw Will’s friend Allison who had appeared behind him. He was in such a good mood he could even be gracious to her. “Oh hi. Allison, right? Want some bubbly?” He felt Will’s hand on his arm.

“Can we go somewhere for a second?” Will asked. He looked worried.

“Sure.” Eric set down his drink and followed Will into the den, which was empty at the moment. “What’s up?”

“Did you and Jerry—uh, did you guys, like, break up?”

“Break up? Not that I know of.”

Oh, shit. Eric remembered too late that Jerry had told him not to count on him being Eric’s pretend boyfriend for the cast party, because he had plans for Ted, one of the cast members who Jerry had been crushing on and who had finally gotten interested—none of which Eric had recalled when he invited Will to the party.

Will seemed miserable for him. “He uh…he’s um… no, forget I said—”

“Don’t tell me. Let me guess. You saw Jerry and Ted together in a corner somewhere?”

Will gaped at him. “You know?”

“Come here.” Eric pulled Will over to a sofa and thought quickly as they sat down. “Jerry and I… um… we decided a few weeks ago to date other people. So I’m not that surprised.”

A series of emotions crossed Will’s face. “Wow.”

“Yeah. Sorry I didn’t tell you before. It’s not that big a deal.” Damn. That made him sound like kind of an asshole. Eric cleared his throat and tried for a pained-yet-brave expression. “That’s what I try to tell myself.”

“Are you okay?” Will’s face had settled into a surprisingly cheerful expression despite his obvious concern for Eric.

“Oh sure. I mean, I will be. Eventually.”

“Sorry, man.” Will put his hand on Eric’s arm, and Eric watched, mesmerized, as Will leaned toward him, and his face got closer and closer and—

Tyrone burst into the room with Allison behind him.

“Come on, kiddies! One more dance and then we’re going out for pancakes.”


Wonder what would have happened if Tyrone hadn’t burst into the room right then? Never mind. What takes place next at the pancake house shatters all of Eric’s illusions about his “straight” roommate. You’ll have to read the story to find out how it all blows up and then gets sorted out. (I told you authors are mean, didn’t I? Oh yeah, that was on an earlier Scavenger Hunt post…)

For Scavenger Post 6, we’ll take a detour and interview Eric and Will about their favorite childhood memories. This interview takes place after they’ve finally gotten together, so it’s a cozy one.

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