Forced roommates, fake boyfriends, fierce attraction, and a secret or two… are they fooling themselves or falling in love?

Life is good for Eric Brown, a happily single theater major with a great group of friends. But then Will Butler—fellow senior, co-RA, and the cutest guy Eric’s ever seen—walks into his dorm. Will has a sweetheart he sees off campus—a minor disappointment that becomes a major problem when a housing shortage causes Will and Eric to become roommates, and Eric is forced to witness Will’s hotness day in and day out. He persuades his ex-boyfriend to pretend they’re still together in a vain attempt to protect himself, but it doesn’t save Eric from losing his heart.

Will Butler has never believed in himself. Although he’s loved music since childhood, he’s never seriously considered pursuing it. Then he and Eric Brown become roommates, and everything changes. Eric believes in Will and his talent. He’s also gorgeous and playful and fast becoming Will’s best friend. And that’s not good, because Will is hiding some big things, not only from Eric, but from himself.

Reviewers love The Kinsey Scale:

“Utterly adorable novella, first in a new series… The author mixes humor with some issues that feel pulled from real life. Very enjoyable, a light, sweet, quick read, and definitely recommended.” – My Fiction Nook

“A breezy, slow burn romance that turns unexpected friends into lovers. For fans of New Adult, you’ll find a very sweet story with a side of coming out.” – Joyfully Jay

“Elliott delivers on the angst, the fluff, the unrequited crush, the sexual tension, the BIG reveal, and the bedroom gymnastics in just the right does to make The Kinsey Scale an entertaining friends-to-lovers romance.” – Wicked Reads

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Coming May 22: The Player’s Protege, the 2nd book in the Campus Connections series.

Jerry can teach Arlo to play the field, but can Arlo teach Jerry to play for keeps?

When his college friends bet cynical Jerry that he can’t turn innocent Arlo into a player, Jerry steps up to the challenge. But what happens when Arlo decides all he wants is the unattainable Jerry and Jerry starts to want Arlo in return?