A Bisexual Excerpt for BiVisibility Week

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In honor of Bisexual Awareness Week and International BiVisbility Day, I’m posting a snippet from my upcoming novella, There You Are, which features a bisexual MC, Cody Bellstrom. Readers met Cody in my novella Wild and Precious. In that story he had been dating women and had decided to start dating men again, which resulted in his meeting the MC Brent Granger.

There You Are picks up where we left Cody in Wild and Precious and he’s decided to take a train across the country to a new gig with a funk band in Portland, Oregon. In Chicago, he meets a high school kid who is running away from his repressive parents to live with his uncle in Portland. They’re getting to know each other in the scenes below, and Cody talks to Sandy about bisexuality.


“Are you running away too?” Sandy turned an inquisitive face to Cody after they settled into their seats.

Cody laughed. “What makes you ask that?”

“I don’t know. Sorry.” Sandy’s cheeks got pink.

“No, I’m not offended. In fact, that’s exactly what my friends think I’m doing. I do have this gig with a band out in Portland, and if that doesn’t work out, I know a few other bands that might have a spot for me.”


“Yeah. So I don’t think of it as running away so much as running toward something new.” Cody nodded sagely, even as his bullshit meter started its annoying dinging.

“So why do your friends think you’re running away?”

Oy. This kid was too smart by half.

Giving Sandy an easy smile, Cody opened his mouth to make up some lie, then shut it, looking past him as he thought. The world beyond the train window was slipping toward evening. He had a sudden memory of Brent, his face gorgeous and animated during a twilight walk through Dupont Circle. Still watching the scene through the window, Cody said, “I’m a free spirit. I don’t like being tied down. Too long in one place and I start getting restless.”


“Also,” he added, impelled by their quiet moving cocoon to make confessions, “there was a guy.”

“Ohhh.” Sandy lowered his voice. “You’re gay?”

“Bi.” He was about to add more, but Sandy’s face lit up. “Is that good?”

“Yeah! Sorry, I’m getting excited because that’s what I think I am! Like, I like girls and all, but… but then I… you know, did it with a guy and… wow. But like, I’m still attracted to girls too, so I don’t know.”

Cody smiled. “Yeah, it can be confusing, for sure. I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to define yourself as one way or another. It’s hard because the world wants to put people in a box, and being bi kind of blows people’s preconceptions out of the water.”

“Right.” Sandy twisted the cap off his water bottle and took a drink. “So tell me about the guy.”

“His name is Brent,” Cody said. “But before I spill the details, we need some sustenance. Let’s go get some dinner.”

“Yes! I’m starving!” Sandy hopped up and followed Cody down the aisle.

By the time they’d raided the café car and brought hot dogs, chips, and drinks back to their seats, the world outside the windows had turned black, save for momentary glimpses of lonely, lit-up houses. They’d left the lights of Minneapolis behind and were nearing North Dakota, according to the train schedule Sandy kept studying with avid interest.

Once they were settled in their seats, dinner and drinks in front of them, Cody launched into his tale. “Actually, I need to start before Brent. I said there was a guy. But before that, there was a girl.”

Sandy sighed with contentment. “Bisexual.”

Cody laughed. “You’re funny. I’m glad my bisexuality makes you happy.”


There You Are should be released later this fall and as soon as I have the cover I’ll be posting it. In the meantime, if you want to see more about Cody and Brent, check out Wild and Precious.



Aspiring writer Brent Granger has good friends and a great job at an arts magazine in DC, but he’s batting zero in the arena of love. Brent begins to get a clue why things aren’t working with women from his strong attraction to his gorgeous, gay, and already attached boss, Graham Stoneford.  When he sees a personal ad from a man that quotes his favorite poet, Brent decides to do something wild and answer.

Enter Cody Bellstrom, easygoing bisexual musician, who is happy to initiate Brent in the ways of gay sex. Brent now has a new problem: he realizes he’s gay and no one in his life knows it. Cody tires of hiding their relationship, but Brent finds it challenging to come out to family, friends, and especially to Graham. In the end, Brent must confront the truth of where – and with whom – his heart lies.

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