A Scene from Aidan’s Journey, 2nd Book in Serpentine Series

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I’m getting excited about the upcoming release of Aidan’s Journey on October 15th.

Behold the lovely cover by L.C. Chase:



The star of the University of Virginia theater department, Aidan Emery is lusted after and admired for living out and proud. He uses his talent and good looks to his advantage and never sleeps with the same guy twice. But his glamorous patina has been carefully honed to hide the pain he carries inside.

Aidan wasn’t always such a player. He starts college naively romantic, hungry for the attention he can’t get from his workaholic father and mentally ill mother. Unfortunately, that leaves him ripe pickings for predatory professor Rodney Montgomery. Rodney’s flattering regard seduces Aidan into a dysfunctional relationship that destroys his innocence.

Life looks up for Aidan when he finally breaks free of Rodney’s pull and moves to New York City to make it as an actor. Meeting sweet fellow actor Patrick Jaymes seems like the start of a fairy tale. But before Aidan can rebuild his life into happily ever after, family secrets rip him wide open, leaving him easy prey when Rodney decides he’s not willing to let Aidan go.


As promised, I’m posting an excerpt from the book each Sunday for the next three Sundays. The scene below is between Aidan and Lee, one of Aidan’s best friends. Aidan is a sophomore in college and has started a relationship with Professor R, aka Rodney Montgomery, who has gotten Aidan to agree to an open relationship. Aidan is all of eighteen years old at this point, desperately in love with Professor R, and willing to do whatever it takes to stay with him. Lee’s opinion on the matter becomes quite clear:


One night, I got together for movies and pizza with Lee and Jay. Lee had broken up with his boyfriend, and we were doing our best to cheer him up. After Jay dropped us off at my house, I took Lee down to our basement rec room. It was the first time he’d been over to my house and he stared at the setup: pool table, huge-screen TV, video game consoles, high-end stereo speakers, and pinball machine.

“Wow.” He went over to check out the pinball machine.

“Do you want anything to drink? We can’t smoke weed in my house, sorry. My parents are uptight about that kind of thing.”

“No, I’m good. Let’s play pinball, I fucking love this game.”

We played pinball, moved on to pool, and ended up on the couch in front of the TV watching some gay porn film I’d gotten from Jarrod the summer after high school and never returned. We laughed at the bad acting and how the guy moaned like a stuck pig when the other one went down on him.

I was turned on, though, and a glance at Lee confirmed that he was too. This in itself was nothing new, given we’d lived together as roommates for a year. We’d agreed then not to cross the line into sexual partners, and we never had.

As I checked him out, I remembered Rodney’s rules. I could have sex with Lee! He wasn’t currently attached, I liked and trusted him, and it would be a chance to test out my “open relationship.” I slid over so our arms and legs were touching.

He laughed. “Getting cozy?” He returned his focus to the screen, where the actors were engaged in an enthusiastic rimming session. I put my hand on his knee. That got his attention. “What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like?” I asked, running my hand along the inside of his thigh.

He grabbed it. “Hey, wait. Aren’t you and Professor R still on?”

“Yeah. But we have an open relationship.”

“Are you kidding?” He looked disgusted. “What an asshole.”

I drew back, offended, but tried to laugh it off. “Questioning my lifestyle choices, are we?”

“What? No, not you, moron. Professor R. I can’t believe he got you to agree to that.”

I sagged on the couch, my plans dashed for a sophisticated and brilliant hookup with Lee. “What’s wrong with it? Lots of people have open relationships.”

“Yeah, well, you aren’t ‘lots of people.’ You’re Aidan, total romantic, always mooning around about Rodney.”

“I hate you,” I muttered.

“Why, for knowing you so well? Are you really going to try to have an open relationship?” Lee barked out a laugh, while in the background, the moans from the actors were reaching a fever pitch.

I aimed the remote at the screen and froze the guys midthrust. “Yes. Which means if I want to have casual sex with you, I can.”

Lee gave me a skeptical look. “But do you?”

I paused. “Not really,” I admitted. “Do you want to with me?”

“No way.”

We stared at each other for a second, then burst out laughing, howling like we’d never stop.

Lee wiped his eyes. “Oh God. Maybe we should beat off together. Would that qualify?”

“You’ve ruined the mood,” I said with a pout, and that set us off on another fit of laughter.

We abandoned the movie and played a video game, pouring our pent-up energy into taking each other out with various guns and weapons.

I walked Lee to the front door around two in the morning. “Thanks for nothing, honey.”

He grinned. “Aw, don’t be mad, doll. Our love just wasn’t meant to be.”

“You mean our fuck-buddy-ness.”

“Whatever. Catch ya later.”

I watched him walk down my driveway, glad as hell he was my friend.


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