Aidan’s Journey: A Sweet, Hot Excerpt, plus Release Day and Blog Tour!

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The release day for Aidan’s Journey is this Wednesday, October 15th! I’ll be hanging out on the Dreamspinner Blog that day and on Saturday, October 18th come visit me on the Dreamspinner Facebook Page. In addition to which, I’m embarking on a blog tour with some awesome blogs, set up by the wonderful Pride Promotions. There’s a giveaway! Here’s the schedule:

Tour Dates/Stops:

October 14: Love Bytes

October 15: Amanda C. Stone, The Novel Approach

October 16: MM Good Book Reviews, Prism Book Alliance

 October 17: Wicked Faeries Reviews

October 20: Tara Lain, Michael Mandrake

October 21: Parker Williams, Multitasking Mommas

October 22: Cate Ashwood

October 23: Inked Rainbow Reads, It’s Raining Men

October 24: Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words

October 27: Rebecca Cohen Writes, BFD Book Blog, Smoocher’s Voice

October 28: Jade CrystalKimi-Chan

In celebration, I want to post a hot and sweet excerpt for you. This scene takes place toward the end of the book, after Aidan has done the hard work to bring himself out of his personal abyss and learn to love himself. His reward is being able to accept the love of sweet Patrick. We’ll plunge right into the middle of their sex scene, if that’s okay with you. 🙂


“Right now, I want to do whatever you want.” I put my other hand on Patrick’s cheek, loving his sweet face. “What do you want?”

“I would dearly love to suck your cock.”

I felt my mouth curl into a smile. “You would? Because I’ve been fantasizing about that.”


I shivered. “Let’s get under the covers, though. I’m freezing from all our traipsing around naked.”

We moved to the middle of the bed and pulled the covers up.

“See you later, gorgeous,” Patrick whispered, and I watched him disappear from view.

I felt him kissing his way down my throat, then making a detour along each collarbone and stopping to suck on my nipples. “Mm, oh God.” I shivered from pleasure this time and felt my balls ache as my cock stiffened.

After a leisurely time playing with my nipples, Patrick moved back up. Seeing his head emerging from the blankets made me smile. “Okay?” he asked, grasping my cock and giving it a stroke.

“Oh my fuck, yes.”

“Good.” He kissed me. “See you later.”

“Don’t suffocate under there,” I said as he dove back under the covers.

“I won’t” was the muffled reply.

The joke I was about to make disappeared with a sharp inhale when Patrick rested his head on my belly and took my dick in his mouth. I put my hand down, found his hair, and laced my fingers in the thick strands, practically moaning at the way he was sucking me.

“God yes, baby.” I threw the covers back, wanting to watch him.

He came off to say, “Your cock is glorious,” then sank his mouth on it, his hand gripping the shaft and beginning to stroke.

My eyes fell shut but I opened them, wanting to see him. “That’s so… fucking… good.”

It was more than good. I was overwhelmed by the tenderness I was feeling, overwhelmed by a wave of love for him. I stroked his hair and cried while I let go… and let go… and let him love me, and thanked the stars, and let pleasure, love, and gratitude wash over me in great waves… until I called out in ecstasy and came in his gorgeous mouth.

He swallowed all of it down while I caught my breath and dashed the tears from my eyes. Then he turned his head and beamed at me like some saint or savior or… or the hero in my fairy tale, come to love and heal me. As I beheld him in all his beauty, I said what was there, knowing I didn’t have to be afraid. “I love you so very much.”

Surprise crossed his features, followed by something akin to delight. “That’s good to hear. Because I love you too. I’ve loved you for a very long time.”

“I know,” I whispered. “Thank you for loving me.”

He moved then, coming to lie on top of me. His hard dick poked me, a reminder that I needed to take care of him too. But the state of his cock didn’t seem to be on his mind as he stared deeply into my eyes. “Thank you for letting me love you, Aidan. You’re so worth it.”

I couldn’t speak. I could barely breathe, not only because he was lying on top of me, but because he was beautiful, and he loved me, and he was mine. I kissed him, trying to express the wonder I was feeling. I’d never kissed anyone—not even Rodney—the way I kissed Patrick in that moment: fervent, vulnerable, and fully present. I had shown up for my life at last, and the miracle was that Patrick was right there with me.

Aidan’s Journey (preorder)

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