Flashfic: Aidan from Aidan’s Journey meets Brent from Wild & Precious

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Happy Sunday, All! I thought it would be fun to post the scene that I wrote for my Wild and Precious blog tour post on Amanda Stone’s blog. She asked me to write a scene in which Aidan from Aidan’s Journey meets Brent from Wild and Precious. It was so easy to imagine it happening! Brent lives in DC and Aidan’s home town is right down the road in McLean, Va. Aidan loves singing karaoke, Brent is the music reporter for Washington/Arts magazine… it all unfolded in my mind and on to the page. Thanks again, Amanda, for the prompt.

NOTE: This scene would take place in Wild and Precious a few days before Brent and Cody have their first meeting at Kramerbooks.  It would take place at the end of Aidan’s Journey, after Aidan has gotten to his happy ending living and working as an actor in New York City with Patrick by his side. Aidan and Patrick are in the DC area to visit Aidan’s friends and family.


Brent strolled down M Street in Georgetown on his way to yet another karaoke night at a local bar. Karaoke as an article subject for Washington/Arts was stretching it, but his boss Graham had loved the idea – probably because he loved doing karaoke himself. Graham was a great singer and so were many of the people who frequented the karaoke bars. Then there were the people who couldn’t carry a tune but obviously thought they could. Why did those folks always choose some slow ballad to torture the audience with? Brent had to admit karaoke was fun – not to do but to listen to, even when someone got up there and caterwauled.

He entered the club and stopped dead at the male voice soaring out over the speakers. No caterwauling here. Some guy was up there absolutely killing “Whole Lotta Love.” Brent stopped by the bar and stood there with his mouth open as the guy channeled Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant. He was gorgeous too. Tall, like Graham, but blond. After he hit one last rafters-shaking note, the club erupted in cheers.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Brent turned to order a beer as the MC said over the loudspeaker, “And that’s the way you do karaoke. Aidan Emery, folks. Thanks for dropping in and remember us when you’re a star on Broadway, dude.”

Brent pulled out his phone and texted Graham: You just missed Robt Plant’s son at karaoke. Graham texted back a minute later: Curses! Interview him for the article.

He knew Mr. Editor-in-Chief would say that. Brent gulped down some beer to settle his nerves. As an introvert who loved to write, Brent had never set out to be a reporter, which entailed actually talking to people. Aidan made it easier by coming up to the bar right then with a lively group. He stood chatting with his friends and admirers, and all Brent had to do was… open his mouth.

“Um, excuse me.” Brent tapped Aidan on the shoulder and when Aidan turned, Brent was momentarily mesmerized by his stunning green eyes – eyes that cruised Brent from head to toe, while Brent felt his cheeks heat up.

Aidan’s lips curved into a smile. “Yes?”

“Uh, I’m – I work for Washington/Arts and I’m doing an article on karaoke. You were great up there. Could I ask you some questions?”

Brent hoped he’d be able to think of something to ask because the longer he was in Aidan’s presence, the more flustered he got. There was something electric about Aidan, that was setting off an answering electricity in Brent. Brent was confused enough about why he’d recently answered a male seeking male ad at Match.com after thinking he was straight all his life. He was going to be meeting Cody from the ad for the first time this week and he was already petrified. And he’d had a horny dream involving Graham, his openly gay boss. Now this guy was two feet away radiating sex and…

“Hey, babe.” To Brent’s relief, another guy who was a dead ringer for Matt Bomer had come over to Aidan and slid his arm around him. “What’s up?”

Aidan’s practiced smile opened up into something genuine as he beamed at his companion. “Guess what, babe? I’m gonna be in Washington/Arts magazine! This is a reporter doing a story on karaoke!” He turned to Brent. “This is my boyfriend Patrick. And your name is…?”

“Oh. Sorry. I’m Brent Granger.”

Patrick stuck out his hand with a sweet smile of his own. “Nice to meet you, Brent. How about we grab a table in the corner and you can interview my wildly talented boyfriend?” He and Aidan grinned at each other and leaned in for a kiss.

Ignoring his twinge of jealousy, Brent said, “Sure,” and followed Aidan and Patrick to a table.


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