Pattern for an Angel

Can an angel gown for a little boy let a single dad and a drag queen stitch together a new pattern for love?

Hospice nurse Gabe Martin is bisexual but doesn’t have time for love–his main priority is raising Ian, his adopted five-year-old son. Ian loves wearing dresses at home and wants an angel gown for his kindergarten holiday pageant. When Gabe visits a sewing store to get help with Ian’s costume, he’s assisted by a bewitching employee named Loren who opens up Gabe’s focused world.

Drag queen Loren Schuster likes playing with gender norms and wearing skirts and dresses in everyday life. A bad breakup killed his interest in serious relationships, but he reconsiders that stance when gorgeous single dad Gabe walks into the shop. Loren helps young Ian see it’s okay to be himself, and together, Loren and Gabe create a new pattern for a family full of love.

What People are Saying

Pattern for an Angel is a sweet get together story. It features a cast of delightfully queer characters and I thought these characters were very positive representations for the community. […] On the whole, I thought this was a sweet, lightly holiday-themed, get-together romance.”  

- Joyfully Jay

“Each character is completely lovable, and unique. They are pure delight. This is a short and super sweet story packed with a whole lot of meaning. Despite being just 67 pages, it’s full of love, support, and charm. I love this book and can’t recommend it enough.”  

- Amy's MM Romance Reviews