Rainbow Snippets 1/10/16 — a scene from Wild and Precious

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Hi Snippeteers! I hope your week has been a good one. I’ve had a lot going on this week. For those of you who don’t yet know about Rainbow Snippets, go visit the group on Facebook for great six-sentence snippets from LGBTQ authors and bloggers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets/.

This week I’ve had the privilege of listening to a preview of my first audiobook, Wild and Precious.


Narrator KC Kelly has done an amazing job with this story. I thought it might be awkward listening to someone narrate my sex scenes, but he is marvelous! He’s also wonderful with the emotional scenes. I was particularly taken with how he voiced MC Brent’s coming out scene with his mother, so I thought I’d post that as my weekly snippet. I’m cheating and posting more than six lines (as usual). This snippet comes right after Brent has told his mother he’s gay. She first says it’s a sin according to the Bible, but quickly softens and struggles to accept it:

“It’s not…. Mom, don’t cry.” Brent watched her helplessly, as visions of being forever estranged from his family loomed over his head.

“Wait.” She released his hand and wiped under each eye, muttering, “Damn eyeliner. Okay, just let me… let me say this.” She took a breath. “You’re my son, and I love you. I’ve always wanted the best for you, and for life to give you what you want. If… if this is what you want, then I support you.”

Brent blinked back his own tears. “It’s not what I want. It’s who I am.”

She pulled him into a hug, crying freely, and whispered, “Okay, honey, okay.”




I’m continuing on with the blog tour for the second book in the Wild and Precious series, There You Are. Here are the tour stops for this upcoming week, on Wednesday 1/13:





See you next week!

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