Rainbow Snippets 2/14 Dreamspun Desires Excerpt

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Today I thought I’d post an excerpt from my current WIP, as yet untitled, that I’m writing for the Dreamspun Desires category romance from Dreamspinner Press. I loved the idea of doing a Harlequin-like romance in the m/m world. Here’s a little about the Dreamspun Desires line from the DSP website:

Where the men are hot, the romance is rockin’, and there’s always a happily ever after!

These are contemporary category romance novels, complete with your favorite heartwarming heroes, cracktastic clichés, and terrific tropes. It’s all about the feel-good loving that will leave you grinning.

I’ve had a ball writing this story. It’s about a poor, little rich guy, Jonathan Vallen and a hot-shot CEO who comes up from the streets, Marco Pellegrini. They meet with instant and mutual dislike when Marco is brought in to take over Jonathan’s father’s company. Jonathan soon leaves town for good to let Marco run the company. Fast forward to a year later. Jonathan has transformed himself from an overweight schlump to a hottie and he and his cousin Anthony go on an LGBT cruise. Who should be on board but Marco Pellegrini, who hasn’t seen Jonathan in a year. He doesn’t recognize him, of course, and Jonathan doesn’t let on who he is. Love blossoms during romantic shore excursions but it can’t last, not when Marco has no idea who the man he’s falling in love with really is…. Ensue conflict, drama, and an eventual happily ever after.

This excerpt comes from their shore excursion to Grand Cayman, where Jonathan is trying out snorkeling for the first time, with Marco at his side:


He and Marco smiled at each other, then Jonathan launched himself onto his stomach, floating on the surface with his face in the water, snorkel in the air. He gasped.

There, right below them, a magical world teemed with life–a rainbow parade of fish weaving through the coral reef. Marco hadn’t been kidding about the colors: bright reds, oranges, yellows, purples, and blues adorned every shape and size of these aquatic creatures as they swam in and out of the coral formations. Even better were the schools—dozens of silvery fish that darted this way and that, turning together, their movements synchronized as if a conductor was waving a baton.

Enthralled, Jonathan skimmed along on the surface, mesmerized by the graceful show. Someone took his hand and then he and Marco swam together as partners, their flippers gently propelling them, moving in synch as naturally as the fish below them.

Partners. Following the enchanting procession with Marco by his side, Jonathan grew giddy with life’s promise.

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