Rainbow Snippets 6-4,5 Crossover: Cody meets Alex

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Hey all! Welcome to another week of Rainbow Snippets. Check out our Facebook group to catch up on all the latest snippets from LGBTQ writers and bloggers: Rainbow Snippets.

Today I’m featuring one of my favorite scenes from There You Are. Cody has just royally screwed things up with Phineas, and leaves with his band for a gig at a river rafting lodge. Cody takes a walk outside one night to brood about Phineas and runs into Alex Harrison from Mercury In Retrograde. Alex is a gregarious extrovert (and also a movie star) and he offers Cody some wine and a listening ear. I really enjoyed bringing these two characters together!

SNIPPET (I’m going to cheat and go over six lines to give a good sense of Alex.)

Cody took the glass and drank. “Wow. This is good.”

Alex brightened, as if Cody had given him a present. “Glad you approve.” He took a sip himself. “Ahh. Yes, nice.” Then he turned back to Cody. “So? What’s wrong?”

Cody let out a sigh. “So, I’m an asshole.”

“Really?” Again with the happy look, like Alex Harrison loved honesty or something. Very weird for a celebrity. “Me too. Tell me about your brand of assholery.”

That startled a laugh out of Cody. “Okay. I run away from things.”

“Things? What things?”

“Relationships. Love. Being with one person for the rest of my life.”

“Ah. And how’s that working for you? The running away, I mean?” Alex grinned at him like he understood completely, and Cody found himself grinning back, despite his self-hatred.


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  1. Love it! Great bonding experience. 🙂

  2. I think Alex would make a great psychologist.

  3. I loved Cody in There You Are. I haven’t read Mercury in Retrograde yet but I like Alex already 🙂

  4. Great challenge – obviously not going too well.

  5. interesting 🙂

  6. I really like this exchange

  7. Sounds like Alex is just who Cody needs. 🙂

  8. Love them already. Are you going to write more about the two of them?

  9. I like how they both relax into the honesty.

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