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Hello and welcome to Rainbow Snippets! Please visit our Facebook group to catch up on all the latest snippets from LGBTQ writers and bloggers: Rainbow Snippets. We try to keep the snippets to six sentences, give or take a few.


I have another snippet from my upcoming release, SAND-MAN’S FAMILY. It follows on from last week’s snippet, which had Sandy and Dare visiting Voodoo Doughnuts, a Portland landmark. They go back to Dare’s place to scarf down the doughnuts and then Dare, who is into vinyl records, plays Sandy a Nina Simone song, Feeling Good. I have Nina Simone on the brain because I went to a cabaret of her songs last night. She was an extraordinary person.


“What music are you into?” Sandy asked.

“Lots. Lemme play you something I found. You ever heard of Nina Simone?”

“I’ve heard the name, but I don’t think I’ve ever listened to her.”

Dare put on a record, and a low, husky, and totally unique female voice sang about finding a new day and a new dawn and feeling good. It stirred something in Sandy.

“What’d you think?” Dare asked, removing the needle from the record.

“It was cool. Made me think about running away and, like, making a new life for myself.”



When Sandy Nixon’s conservative Catholic parents discover he’s had sex before marriage, they are furious. But when he blurts out he’s bisexual, they go ballistic. After they threaten him with conversion therapy, Sandy does what many queer kids long to do—leaves his homophobic parents in the dust. He moves in with his Uncle Phineas and Phineas’s partner Cody in Portland, Oregon, and is finally safe to be himself. Sandy misses his siblings, though, and decides to visit his former home in Rockford for Thanksgiving. On the train, he runs into Jade Byrne.

As the only out gay kid in their Catholic high school, Jade had stared down homophobes while being fabulous in the school musicals. He’s crushed on Sandy for years. But he’s made sure never to show it, even after they had a one-time hookup, because Sandy’s the good Catholic kid, the altar boy, and the apparently straight athlete—all the things Jade isn’t. Traveling back to Rockford together sees the start of a month of adventures, a blossoming attraction, and a chance for Sandy to learn what it means to have a family that hurts and to choose a family that heals.




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  1. Nice. Now I want to go listen to some Nina Simone! 😉

  2. I love this snippet, the way Sandy reacts to the music.

  3. Nice snippet. I like the way the song made him think of making new life.

  4. What a great way to channel Nina Simone into your characters’ growing intimacy with each other! (heart)

  5. Love the way music plays a part in this.

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