Rainbow Snippets Jan 14,15 2017 Anthony Babbles with Happiness

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Hello all! I’m back for another round of Rainbow Snippets. Rainbow Snippets is an awesome FB group of authors and bloggers who post snippets from LGBTQ works every weekend. Catch up with all the snippets here: Rainbow Snippets.

I’m closing in on the end of my first draft of the sequel to All the Way to Shore. I’m calling it “Anthony’s story” for now. Here’s the working blurb:

Anthony Vallen is a sucker for romance—but not for himself. He’s perfectly happy to match-make for his friends and enjoys dancing the night away with a series of Mr. Right Nows. But he’s given up on his own happy ending. He had his chance years ago and the experience turned him into a secret cynic about love. Or so he thinks until he runs into Henry, his first and only true boyfriend, at a dive bar in Key West. Suddenly, Anthony’s reasons for shunning romance no longer hold much water.

Henry Elkins has a brilliant mind and has always preferred thinking deep thoughts over being with other people. Only once has someone managed to penetrate his defenses to reach his heart, and that ended in disaster. A brilliant chemist, Henry became a research scientist at a pharmaceutical company, but an unexpected calamity threw him off his life path. Still, things are fine in Key West where Henry owns a dive shop and bar. Fine, that is, until Anthony Vallen walks into his bar. Now the unflappable Henry finds himself floundering in murky waters.


I love writing in Anthony’s voice and I think this snippet will show you why. Henry and Anthony have reconnected but a hurricane occurs during which Henry suffers a head injury. This scene shows them and another character Miles in the hospital. Anthony has tried unsuccessfully to wake Henry up, and the doctor has just arrived.


“Okay. Let’s see if we can wake Henry up now.” Dr. Garcia walked to the other side of the bed and her approach was a lot more… straightforward. “Henry!” she yelled right into the poor man’s ear, meanwhile jostling his shoulder.

Damn if it didn’t work too! Darling Henry’s eyes fluttered open.

“Oh my god!” I shrieked.

Henry’s gaze which had been on Dr. Garcia swiveled slowly to me. “Anthony?”

“Yes, babe! I’m so glad to see you awake! You silly man, don’t ever put me through this again or I’ll have to get very stern. A spanking might be in order. But only if you really want one, you darling dear man!” I heard Miles’s stifled giggle in the background and Dr. Garcia cleared her throat across the bed from me. “Oops.”


  1. hehe!

  2. I’m sitting here alone laughing like a loon all through this scene!

  3. Anthony sounds fabulous! 🙂

  4. So funny 🙂

  5. This is a lot of fun.

  6. Fun scene.
    (And at least she didn’t have to do a sternal rub to wake him.)

  7. “Oops” indeed! LOL

  8. Oh, I love Anthony’s voice. He sounds like an absent minded professor

  9. I agree. He is a lot of fun, rattling on like that.

  10. Thinks his mouth ran away with him. 😀

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