Rainbow Snippets June 11 – Aidan’s Failed Seduction

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Today I thought I’d give you a snippet from Aidan’s Journey, the second novel in my New Adult Serpentine Series. Aidan was the villain in Serpentine Walls, a seemingly heartless player who played with MC Pete’s heart. I wrote this book because I had to know how and why Aidan ended up that way, and how he ultimately redeems himself.

This snippet is from Aidan’s sophomore year in college. He’s gotten entangled with charming but amoral Professor Rodney Montgomery and has fallen for him hard. When Rodney wants an open relationship, Aidan tries to go along with it. The snippet shows his first attempt, with his freshman roommate and good friend, Lee, while they’re watching some bad porn. Lee has just rebuffed his overture. (It’s over six lines, sorry for breaking the rules!)


I sagged on the couch, my plans dashed for a sophisticated and brilliant hookup with Lee. “What’s wrong with it? Lots of people have open relationships.”

“Yeah, well, you aren’t ‘lots of people.’ You’re Aidan, total romantic, always mooning around about Rodney.”

“I hate you,” I muttered.

“Why, for knowing you so well? Are you really going to try to have an open relationship?” Lee barked out a laugh, while in the background, the moans from the actors were reaching a fever pitch.

I aimed the remote at the screen and froze the guys midthrust. “Yes. Which means if I want to have casual sex with you, I can.”

Lee gave me a skeptical look. “But do you?”

I paused. “Not really,” I admitted. “Do you want to with me?”

“No way.”

We stared at each other for a second, then burst out laughing, howling like we’d never stop.

Lee wiped his eyes. “Oh God. Maybe we should beat off together. Would that qualify?”

“You’ve ruined the mood,” I said with a pout, and that set us off on another fit of laughter.


I’m proud to say that Aidan’s Journey was a finalist in the 2016 EPIC awards!


Next weekend I won’t be snippeteering because I’ll be at Portland Pride with a bunch of LGBT authors, the illustrious Charley Descoteaux among them! Catch up with you after that.



  1. Heh, I love the interaction between these two.

  2. What a fun excerpt! I love the idea of a story where the villain from one story becomes the hero in the next. Such a character development challenge, but it’s the way people are in life…multi-dimensional.

  3. Yes! I loved exploring all the facets of Aidan, beyond the heartless playboy.

  4. This scene made me smile so much when I wrote it. Lee’s a good guy (and bisexual!). I may have to write his story some day!

  5. This was a fun interaction.

  6. I love that Lee seems to know Aidan better than Aidan knows himself.

  7. lovely!

  8. Great conversation between the two.

  9. Loved it. I echo the comment above that I love the idea of one book’s villain becomes another book’s hero. Everyone makes mistakes, some are bigger than others.

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