Rainbow Snippets Mar 18,19 2017 Sex, Love and Videogames

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Hello Snippetteers! Here is this week’s contribution to Rainbow Snippets, an awesome Facebook group of authors and bloggers who post snippets from LGBTQ works every weekend. Catch up with all the snippets here: Rainbow Snippets.

I was happy to receive this appreciation for my New Adult novel Sex, Love, and Videogames recently.


My snippet is from Jed and Charlie’s first time together. They are both shy and sweet and probably my favorite MCs!




“Um….” Jed couldn’t think of a subtle way to say it. “What way… which do you… you know.”

“Huh?” But as Jed was steeling himself to explain, Charlie laughed and caressed Jed’s shoulder. “I’m kidding, I know what you mean. What do you want? I haven’t done it either way, so I don’t know.”

Jed propped himself on his elbow and stared at him. “You’re kidding! I thought….”

“Nope. So we can be c-clueless together.”




  1. Aww! This scene is too sweet for words! ♥️

  2. Thanks! I love these young shy guys.

  3. Congrats! This is such a sweet scene.

  4. Thank you!

  5. Awww!

  6. Aww, these two are adorable 🙂

  7. Awww, cute!! <3

  8. <3

  9. I do love them.

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