Rainbow Snippets Mar 19 – 1st lines from Dreamspun novel

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Ahoy, Snippeteers! I’m back with a snippet from the novel I submitted to DSP’s Dreamspun Desires line.

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I’ve posted a snippet before from my Dreamspun Desires submission. The working title is now The CEO and the Owner’s Son.

Here’s an unofficial blurb:

Jonathan Vallen has never felt like he was good enough. The second son of Frederick Vallen, a rich Boston business owner, Jonathan steps into being trained to run Vallen Industries when his older brother dies. A musician who loves to garden, Jonathan is ill suited for the role, and the company profits fall. When his father finally hires a new CEO, Marco Pellegrini, to save the company, Jonathan moves to a different town, leaving his humiliation and failure behind him. A year later, after transforming himself both physically and emotionally, Jonathan goes on an LGBT cruise and who should he run into but Marco Pellegrini? He’s mortified but grateful when Marco doesn’t recognize him. The sparks fly between them and he pretends to be someone else for the week—Jonah Rutledge—someone who is good enough to be loved.

Marco Pellegrini has risen from poverty to become one of the most respected businessmen in Boston. His reputation means everything to him and Marco makes sure to protect it, to the point of being closeted about his bisexuality. A year after taking over as the Vallen Industries CEO, however, he’s ready to live a more meaningful life and he thinks he meets his soulmate for that new life in Jonah Rutledge, the man he falls in love with on an LGBT cruise.

The fairy tale romance on the cruise crashes once they’re back on land. Marco discovers the man he’s fallen for has been lying about his identity. Even worse, he’s Jonathan Vallen, the son of his boss, Frederick Vallen, and the threat to Marco’s pristine reputation becomes reality. Jonathan fears he’s lost his chance for love because he’s been unwilling to be himself. Jonathan and Marco must battle their own inner demons to find their way back to each other.

SNIPPET (The first six lines of the story):

“I’m happy to introduce to you our new acting CEO, Marco Pellegrini.”

Father actually tried to crack a smile as he surveyed the Vallen Industries staff crowded into the conference room. But getting a face perpetually set on “fuck you” to look pleasant was beyond even his abilities. He managed a weird grimace, after making sure to scowl in Jonathan’s direction to let him know he was still in the dog house.

Message received, Sir, Jonathan thought, pushing his glasses up his nose and trying to act politely enthusiastic as Father and Pellegrini pumped fists.

Pellegrini wore a grin that was more supercilious than shit-eating, although to land the Vallen Industries CEO spot at the tender age of thirty was quite a coup.


  1. Oh, man. I don’t think I like Vallen Senior. He’s exactly everything I usually dislike about men in power suits, LOL. Yikes!

  2. Wow. I love this already!

  3. I really feel sorry for Jonathan.

  4. Love the descriptions!

  5. Interesting. I’m keen to see how the new CEO fits in.

  6. Love the lines and the blurb…

  7. Great description! Wonder where this meeting is heading… 🙂

  8. Love the beginning. It sounds great!

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