Rainbow Snippets May 21,22 – Morocco Rules!

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I’ve been thinking about Sex, Love, and Videogames, my third novel in the Serpentine Series, and the character of Morocco Ambrose. Morocco is MC Charlie Ambrose’s cousin. She is transgender and African American and one of the strongest people I’ve written. I love Morocco and would like to write more of her story one day. This snippet shows a few other strong women: Charlie and Morocco’s Aunt Tawniece and their Granny Myrt, the matriarch of the Ambrose family. The setting is a family Sunday dinner shortly before Morocco leaves to attend college in Richmond. In re-reading just now, I was jarred by the last few lines. See if you are too. (To clarify and put the last lines in context: Morocco was assigned male at birth and her birth name was Ronald… )


Aunt Tawniece’s question to Morocco intruded on Charlie’s reverie. “So, Ro, when’ll we see you next? Thanksgiving?”

“Yes, probably.” Morocco shrugged and plucked a grape from the bunch in a bowl.

“Gonna miss you.”

“You too, Auntie T.”

Charlie took in Morocco’s poise as she popped the grape into her mouth with her lacquered nails, and wished he had half her confidence. Morocco charted a course and went for it. She knew who she was and she wasn’t afraid to be that, even when it flew in the face of everything the church and society and her own family believed she should be.

“Ronald, we will surely miss you,” said Granny Myrt. She drew herself up and directed her gaze to the whole family. “Let us bow our heads and say a prayer for Ronald’s safe journey to Richmond and success in his college studies.”


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  1. Grrrrr at Granny Myrt and her passive-aggressive concern. 🙁

  2. Interesting lines.

  3. Morocco sounds amazing.

  4. Like how Morocco is inspiring Ronald, even though he’s still gathering his courage.

  5. I’m wondering if Morocco will correct the name and pronoun or if she’ll just ignore it and consider the source.

  6. Morocco is awesome. I’ve seen that kind of intentional misgendering and family “concern trolling,” unfortunately. 🙁

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