Rainbow Snippets Nov 12 Anger and Resistance

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Hello, Snippeteers! Rainbow Snippets is an awesome FB group of authors and bloggers who post snippets from LGBTQ works every weekend. Catch up with all the snippets here: Rainbow Snippets

I’m angry. I expect to stay angry for a good long while. I’m ready with many, many others to kick some butt on behalf of the marginalized and oppressed groups of American citizens who were just given a big “fuck you” by the results of this election. The picture below is from the first of many protest rallies I expect to be attending in my city of Eugene, Oregon.



So for my snippet today (which runs over six lines) I selected a passage from my New Adult book, Serpentine Walls, which is set at the University of Virginia. I think you’ll see why.


“Take it to the bathhouse, faggots!” The taunting voice caused them to break apart. Three jock types who were probably frat brothers stood in front of the gym, hooting and looking like the assholes they no doubt were.

“Ignore them,” Matthew said.

“I was planning to.” Despite his anger, Pete had no desire to challenge a bunch of good ol’ boys. His eyes widened when he saw Bud and Jed come through the door, Bud looking mad as hell.

“Who you callin’ faggot?” Bud demanded, stepping in front of the group and blocking their path. Jed came to stand by him, muscled arms crossed in front of his chest.

“Hey, cool it, Doremus,” one of the guys said. “Just havin’ a little fun.”

“Fuck you, Welburn, that’s my cousin, you homophobic asshole.”

Pete realized the three guys were members of the rugby team with Bud and Jed. He and Matthew stood still, watching the drama unfold. “Guess you better watch your back, then,” snorted another guy. The grin on his weaselly face died when Jed stepped forward and grabbed a handful of his T-shirt.

“You might need to watch your back, dickhead,” Jed said in a steely voice. “I’m gay too.”

“Uh, okay.” The guy tried to take a step back, but Jed held on until Bud touched his arm.

“Come on, man. We made our point.”

Welburn and the other guy had already taken off, as did weasel face as soon as Jed released him.

Bud whacked Jed on the shoulder. “My homie! Running off the bad guys, you badass mofo.”

“Shut up.” Jed’s cheeks were red, but his face showed the hint of a smile.



  1. Awesome. I loved the tweet and the photograph.

  2. Fantastic choice for this week! We could all use a Jed in our lives, couldn’t we? And we all need try to be someone else’s Jed if we can do so safely. Something tells me there might be plenty of opportunities in the near future. 🙁

  3. This works so well for this week.

  4. Great snippet! Love the way they stepped into the situation.

  5. Perfect. I wish this type of scenario weren’t still so likely. 🙁

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