Rainbow Snippets Oct 29 – Anthony Gets His Story

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Hello, Snippeteers! Rainbow Snippets is an awesome FB group of authors and bloggers who post snippets from LGBTQ works every weekend. Catch up with all the snippets here: Rainbow Snippets

Today I thought I’d bring you some lines from my current (untitled) WIP. This is the story of Anthony, Jonathan’s lively cousin in All the Way to Shore.

[gratuitous inserting of All the Way to Shore cover, because beautiful cover is beautiful]


Anthony’s story takes place a few months after the end of All the Way to Shore. The gang (Anthony, his cousin Jonathan, Jonathan’s now-husband Marco, and Marco’s sister Sophia) have been working hard on setting up the Vallen-Pellegrini Foundation, Jonathan’s and Marco’s foundation for LGBTQ youth, and are in Key West for a vacation.


Jonathan stuck his head around the door. “Morning, Tony. Marco and I are going for a jog on the beach. Wanna come?”

“Why does everyone plague me? Can’t you see I’m weak?” I sagged against my pillows, feeling my bottom lip grow into a pout. “No thanks, Jonny. I’ll just lie here and recover  from—ack!”

That undignified squawk was occasioned by the gorgeous Marco bounding into the room in all his shorts-clad glory and grabbing me by one ankle, making as if to pull me right off the mattress.

“Outta bed, Anthony! No getting out of anything this vacation. Remember? You promised!” His dark eyes sparkled with that darned team spirit. Team Vallen-Pellegrini! Rah, rah, rah! Ugh and triple ugh. Why had I agreed to be “coachable” or whatever that motivational rot was Marco liked to use at the Vallen-Pellegrini Foundation staff meetings to turn us into his little mini-me’s?



  1. LOL! I’m guessing that someone either had too much to drink the night before or is just plain not a morning person — or a combination of the two.

  2. haha!

  3. Fun snippet! 😀

  4. LOL. Perhaps something will happen during their job to change Anthony’s mind about it?

  5. I’m with Anthony here! If I’m on vacation, no thanks on early morning jogs, LOL.

  6. Uh oh coachable is going to leave him wide open, isn’t it?

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