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Hello Snippeteers!

For those of you who don’t yet know about Rainbow Snippets, go visit the group on Facebook for great six-sentence snippets from LGBTQ authors and bloggers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets/.

I apologize for missing the last few weeks of December in posting a snippet. The holidays and my release of There You Are proved all-consuming. And the other thing consuming my attention was to finish editing my newest story, Sand-Man’s Family, so the Dreamspinner editors could start to work on it. Sand-Man’s Family is the third book in the Wild and Precious series and tells the story of Sandy Nixon, the bisexual nephew of There You Are‘s Phineas MacDonald. Here’s an unofficial blurb and then we’ll get to the snippet (also unofficial):


Sandy Nixon is a hero to his high school friends in Rockford, Illinois, having done what many of them wish they had the guts to do: run away from home and start a new life, far  from his restrictive and homophobic parents. He’s made a new home in Portland, Oregon with his Uncle Phineas and Phineas’s partner Cody, has gotten involved with a skater kid named Dare, and is beginning to own being bisexual. But he needs to come home to see his family and try to make amends to his siblings for leaving them in the lurch.

Jade Byrne is the only out gay kid in St. Ignatius High and is thrilled to leave Rockford behind for a performing arts college in Seattle. He had a brief fling with Sandy Nixon before Sandy disappeared, leaving no trace. Jade has crushed on Sandy for years, making sure never to show it. Sandy is the good Catholic kid, the altar boy, the athlete – all the things Jade isn’t. Jade tries to forget Sandy because he has things to do, like staring down homophobes and being fabulous in the school musicals.

It’s Thanksgiving week and when Sandy boards a train to Rockford, along with his uncle and Cody, he runs into Jade Byrne. They travel back to Rockford together and their long-term attraction blossoms once more. This is the start of a month of adventures and the beginning of new love. In the course of the story, Sandy will confront what it means to have a family that hurts and to choose a family that heals.


Jade had always flirted with Sandy, but then, he seemed to flirt with everyone. Sandy had never given it much thought until senior year when Jade showed up at school sporting eyeliner and an edgy new hairstyle, and Sandy suddenly had fantasies of kissing his pouty lips. Sandy was fairly confident in social situations but he’d never felt so awkward and ridiculous as when he’d broached the subject of having sex to Jade. Jade had made it easy, though, saying he was “elated” when Sandy told him his wish to try sex with guys.

Lithe, dark-eyed, quick-witted Jade, who had surprisingly soft lips and a wickedly talented tongue, hadn’t let Sandy harbor second thoughts. The very next day, backstage after drama rehearsal when everyone else had gone home, Jade had laid Sandy down on the old couch in the dressing room and shown him just how talented he was at giving head, then had Sandy help get him off with their hands. What a revelation that was, and how Sandy had wanted more.


Meet Sandy Nixon in my current release, There You Are! And see where Cody Bellstrom came from in the first story, Wild and Precious!



Thanks for reading!


  1. Cool snippet–Sandy and Jade are so great together!

  2. Great intro to the characters. I’m curious to see where their relationship goes — or if it goes.

  3. Great snippet. I can’t wait to read Sandy’s story

  4. Intriguing first time! 🙂

  5. I love the snippet, and I really want to see more about these two. (Also, the blurb is great.)

  6. Very nice

  7. Thank you, m’dear!

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