Serpentine Walls coming out on October 30th!

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My novel SERPENTINE WALLS is about to be published!!!!!!

Isn’t my cover beautiful? It shows the Colonnades at the University of Virginia with my two main characters, Pete and Matthew, standing together on the Lawn, and was designed by L.C. Chase.  As I say in my Author’s Note, I went to college at U.Va. and it was so much fun setting my novel there.

The title refers to the walls that flank the gardens behind the Lawn.  Here’s a pic of an actual U.Va. serpentine wall:



Here’s something from Wikipedia ( about them. (I had no idea they were also called “crinkle crankle walls”!):

Thomas Jefferson (1743 to 1826) incorporated so-called serpentine walls into the architecture of the University of Virginia, which he founded. Flanking both sides of its landmark rotunda and extending down the length of the lawn are 10 pavilions, each with its own walled garden separated by crinkle crankle walls. Although some authorities claim Jefferson invented this design, he was merely adapting a well-established English style of construction. A university document in his own hand shows how he calculated the savings and combined aesthetics with utility.

In a key scene in the book, the MC Pete runs through one of the gardens behind a pavilion and along the serpentine wall as he chases after his man.  It’s the only point in the book that the words “serpentine walls” are used.

I liked Serpentine Walls for the title because of the double meaning: relationships can often resemble a series of serpentine walls, twisting and turning and sometimes running into dead ends.

I’ll be posting more about it, including excerpts, soon.

Oh, and October 30th, the publication date, is my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

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