2021 Rainbow Awards Winner 
Best Bisexual Contemporary Romance

The Dancer’s Dilemma

When love comes knocking, check who’s there before you open the door.

Tyrone Johnson is looking for The One. But what if the two applicants are his straight ex-best friend and the man who messed with Tyrone’s teenaged heart?

His best friend Nat was always there for him, until he dropped Tyrone in high school to run with the jocks and date the prom queen. Now he’s back and wants Tyrone’s forgiveness—and his heart.

Arnaud, the French choreographer who swept eighteen-year-old Tyrone off his feet, is also back. He’s eager to reignite their hot affair after leaving it in the dust four years ago.

Which one can Tyrone trust not to abandon him again? And can he trust himself to make the right choice?

If you like second chance stories and sexy dancing, you’ll love The Dancer’s Dilemma.

What People are Saying

This author has the perfect touch with college-aged romance main characters. …Both characters grow and develop throughout the story in a realistic fashion for their age. This author is one I will follow wherever they want to go with this age group in M/M romance.

- Amazon Reviewer

I said it after I read the first book in the series, and I’ll say it again, this author really knows how to capture that fresh, awkward, learning, experiencing atmosphere that is the hallmark of the college years. Her characters are so sweet and wonderful you can’t help but fall in love with them. I am looking forward to more in this series.

- Amazon Reviewer

The Campus Connections Series

Book One

The Kinsey Scale

Forced roommates, fake boyfriends, fierce attraction, and a secret or two… are they fooling themselves or falling in love?

Book Two

The Players Protégé

Jerry can teach Arlo to play the field, but can Arlo teach Jerry to play for keeps? 

Book Three

The Dancer’s Dilemma

When love comes knocking, check who’s there before you open the door.