The Player’s Protégé

Jerry can teach Arlo to play the field, but can Arlo teach Jerry to play for keeps?

When his college friends bet cynical Jerry that he can’t turn innocent Arlo into a player, Jerry steps up to the challenge. But what happens when Arlo decides all he wants is the unattainable Jerry and Jerry starts to want Arlo in return?

Jerry survived a gay childhood in Texas by being fierce and fabulous. At college he’s known as a player and keeps his heart so guarded he’s forgotten he has one. He’s confident he can prove his friends wrong and teach Arlo to be a stud like him. But despite his armor, Jerry finds humble Arlo so sweet and enticing he soon runs the risk of losing the bet–and his heart.

Arlo kicks butt as a Tae Kwon Do black belt, but he’s been dumped by his only boyfriend and needs help getting himself out there. Enter Jerry, player extraordinaire and happy to provide him with some hands-on coaching. Jerry encourages him to ask for what he wants in life, something Arlo struggles with. The struggle deepens when Arlo discovers that what he truly desires is Jerry.

What People are Saying

Much like the first book, the author tells a full-length story in a novella-sized package, with feels and heartache and a little drama and love and holy hot boysecks, Batman. We see Jerry go from total player to totally head over heels, and Arlo go from sweet and shy and kind to sweet and kind and confident, knowing exactly what he wants and how to ask for it. The author does a fabulous job exploring and growing these characters in under 100 pages, while delivering a complete storyline.

- My Fiction Nook

The Player’s Protégé is the second book in the Campus Connections series, but easily enjoyable on its own.  It’s a really cute, light New Adult romance with a taste of sexytimes…It looks like we might see another couple books set in this locale and with secondary characters finding their true loves. I’d read on.

- Joyfully Jay LGBTQ Romance Reviews

The Campus Connections Series

Book One

The Kinsey Scale

Forced roommates, fake boyfriends, fierce attraction, and a secret or two… are they fooling themselves or falling in love?

Book Two

The Players Protégé

Jerry can teach Arlo to play the field, but can Arlo teach Jerry to play for keeps? 

Book Three

The Dancer’s Dilemma

When love comes knocking, check who’s there before you open the door.