Helloooo!  I’m knee deep in blog posts these days, for my Serpentine Walls blog tour to celebrate its release on October 30th.

I’m going to be a guest on a number of Dreamspinner author’s blogs in the next few weeks, talking about the novel. Thank you, DSP authors, for your amazing generosity!  Here are links to their blogs (not to the actual post yet but you can check back on the day):

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October 24     Michael Rupured (website)    (blog post)

October 25     Kim Fielding (website)    (blog post)

October 26     Grace Duncan (website)    (blog post)

October 29     Andrew Gordon (website)    (blog post)

October 30     RELEASE DAY! (AND MY BIRTHDAY) I’m taking over Dreamspinner blog: Dreamspinner Blog (main blog site)    (CJ Blog #1)    (CJ Blog #2)    (CJ Blog #3)    (CJ Blog #4)    (CJ Blog #5)    (CJ Blog #6)    (CJ Blog #7)

October 31     Purple Rose Tea House, Charlie Cochet (website)    (blog post)

November 2  Dreamspinner Facebook (main Facebook page)    (event page)

November 5  Suzanne van Rooyen (website)    (blog post)

November 7  Lane Hayes (website)    (blog post)

It’s been confronting but actually fun to come up with the blogs.  So far, I’m blogging about: divorce, the urge to protect oneself in relationships, nefarious professors, friends and how they help, being an unwitting dick, and animus projections.

I realize I haven’t done any blogs with any actual SEX in them, though. So how about a sexy snippet from Serpentine Walls?  This comes from the first sex scene in the book when Pete gets taken home by his “super-crush”, Aidan Emery.


Pete inhaled shakily, breathing in Aidan’s spicy scent, savoring the warmth of Aidan’s mouth as it moved along his skin. He cupped Aidan’s head with his hand, letting his fingers sink into his long hair. That he was playing with Aidan Emery’s hair at all, after years of fantasizing about it, was incredible. He gave it an experimental tug and was rewarded by the pleased sound Aidan made in the back of his throat.

“Let’s get horizontal.  But first, take this off.” Aidan pushed Pete’s T-shirt up and over his head. “Oh,” he said, green eyes scanning his chest, “you’re so pretty.”

Pretty? Pete considered that even worse than being called adorable, but fuck—Aidan could call him anything he wanted as long as he kept rubbing his thumbs over Pete’s nipples like that.

“I gotta lie down for this,” Pete breathed, feeling dizzy, and Aidan just smirked, the sexy bastard.

As Pete lowered his back to the floor, Aidan followed, lying on top of him but bracing himself with his elbows so their lower bodies melded together and—oh, hello. Aidan wore tight pants that made no secret of the fact he was well endowed, but his huge cock rubbing up against Pete’s own was—God. Pete grabbed Aidan’s ass with both hands and pulled him closer without even thinking about it.

“I like your hands on me.” Aidan’s mouth formed a sexy pout as he moved his hips in a slow grind, but when he and Pete made simultaneous “mmmmm” sounds, Aidan’s pout morphed into a grin. “We hummed in stereo!”

Pete laughed. “We make beautiful music together, schweetheart,” he drawled in his best Bogart imitation. Maybe it was the pot helping him relax and float along in the moment, or the fact that his body was alive with all kinds of pleasurable sensations, but he wasn’t intimidated any more.

We really do.” Aidan leaned down to rub their noses together. Pete stifled another laugh. “What?” He pulled back, pretending to be offended. “You don’t like my Eskimo kisses?”

“They’re great. There’s only one problem.”


Pete could stare up into those green eyes forever. “You have too many clothes on.”

“Oh.  Now that is a problem.”

Aidan rolled off him and sat up to unbutton his shirt.

“That’s a great shirt,” Pete said as he watched, and then winced. How is that relevant, dumbass?

But Aidan looked pleased as he removed it. “Thanks. It’s one of my favorites.” He smiled over at Pete, who was still lying flat on the floor. “Well?”


“Aren’t you going to help me take my clothes off?”

“Oh. My bad.” Pete sat up and went for Aidan’s silver belt. But when Aidan scooted forward and straddled Pete, and his… assets were right there, Pete’s fingers got stupid.

Aidan took Pete’s fumbling hands away, placing one of them squarely on the generous bulge in his pants while he made short work of his belt. As the belt fell to the rug with a soft clank, Pete came out of his shock at finding his hand on Aidan’s crotch and gave a tentative stroke up and down. His cock felt… big. Massive. Huge. Ginor

“Nice,” Aidan purred, interrupting Pete’s inner babbling by opening his legs even more and thrusting up into Pete’s hand.

“God, you’re—” Pete lost the words, knocked breathless by Aidan’s wanton offering of himself. He tried again. “You… unh.” Giving up on speech, he gripped and stroked Aidan’s dick through his trousers with more intent.

“So good.” It was a sultry murmur. Aidan popped the button on his pants. “Hold on,” he said, moving Pete’s hand away so he could lower his zipper, then guiding it back.

“Ah, fuck,” Pete whispered when his hand collided, not with underwear as he had expected, but with warm, velvety skin. He closed his hand around Aidan’s large, hard, and very naked cock, reeling at the realization that Aidan had gone commando tonight. That was so fucking hot

“I wanna….”  He slid his fingers down Aidan’s cock. “I wanna kiss you.”


For more fun and sexy times with Pete and the gang, go here to preorder (first 20 orders get a signed copy!):

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