All the Way to Shore received Runner Up in two different categories: Best Bisexual Contemporary Romance and Best Overall Bisexual Book.  Here is the link to the Rainbow Awards Announcements:

2017 Rainbow Awards


And here is one judge’s feedback about the book:

What an amazing story.  This was so refreshing to read.  The plot of the story is very well thought out and kept me peeked throughout.  I loved how the author really allowed us to get to know the characters and didn’t just focus on the romance aspect of the story.  The setting was very nicely development and I felt like I was there on the cruise with them.  What I liked a lot is how the setting matched the characters.  I thought those attentions to detail were perfect.  The Characters were nicely drawn out and I actually believed they were real people.  Yes, they were physically perfect, but they were more then just pretty, they all had issues and flaws which made them real to me.  What I really liked was the journey the characters took and how they actually grew durn the course of the story. Overall, the writing was spot on and I had no issues with following along. I personally loved the use of a journal for Marco it fit his personality to tee and I thought the shifts in POV were smooth and easy to follow.

Thank you to Elisa Rolle for the tremendous job she does on these awards every year. Over $13,000 was raised for various LGBTQ organizations from all the entrants.

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