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Wild and Precious

“This quick, one-sitting read was sweet and fun. I enjoyed watching Brent unfold and become comfortable with himself and who he was.”  Inked Rainbow Reads

“As the book wraps up so very sweetly, bordering on toothache sweetness, Wild and Precious is a feel good read about finding yourself and finding true love.” Joyfully Jay Reviews

There You Are

“Phinney and Cody were as different as they could be, and just what the other needed in that particular time of their lives, a second chance at love for sure.” Bayou Book Junkie

“This is pretty much a gooey, sweet love story, start to finish. Short enough to read in an afternoon, this one’s perfect for a cozy, rainy day read.” Inked Rainbow Reads

Sand-Man’s Family

“That is truly the theme of this story – that family is defined as those people who love and support you no matter what. Those folks who have your back and trust in you and believe in you are what make a true family.”  The Novel Approach

“Sandy is an adorable character. Genuine and lovely. I can’t imagine not loving him. This ensemble in the story really brought so much to Sandy’s tale. I loved them. An ensemble can make or break a book and this one was golden!”  Diverse Reader