Life is good for Eric Brown, a happily single theater major with a great group of friends. But then Will Butler—fellow senior, co-RA, and the cutest guy Eric’s ever seen—walks into his dorm. Will has a sweetheart he sees off campus—a minor disappointment that becomes a major problem when a housing shortage causes Will and Eric to become roommates, and Eric is forced to witness Will’s hotness day in and day out. He persuades his ex-boyfriend to pretend they’re still together in a vain attempt to protect himself, but it doesn’t save Eric from losing his heart.

Will Butler has never believed in himself. Although he’s loved music since childhood, he’s never seriously considered pursuing it. Then he and Eric Brown become roommates, and everything changes. Eric believes in Will and his talent. He’s also gorgeous and playful and fast becoming Will’s best friend. And that’s not good, because Will is hiding some big things, not only from Eric, but from himself.

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Hi All! Welcome to Post 7, the final post! The Kinsey Scale releases on May 8! Read the post and save the clues (any words or phrases in bold and italic) to play!

By now, Eric and Will have arrived at their happy ending, but the stories don’t end there. The Kinsey Scale is the first book in the Campus Connections series. The three stories in Campus Connections feature three guys who have been friends since freshman year: Eric Brown, Jerry Helstrom, and Tyrone Johnson. Each story stars one of the guys and gives him his HEA, with a little help from his friends.

Although The Kinsey Scale is Eric’s story, Tyrone and especially Jerry play a key role in helping Eric overcome his fears about getting involved with Will.

I thought it would be fun to interview our three friends today on what romance means to them. Let’s start with a thumbnail description:

Eric: actor/singer, enthusiastic, encouraging, never gets when someone is into him.

Jerry: costume/set designer, acerbic, smart, thinks he has no heart.

Tyrone: dancer, easy-going, friendly, but resigned about ever finding the one.

Note for those who may not know: Jerry and Eric are ex-boyfriends who got together as freshmen and broke up as sophomores. They remain close.


Hi, guys. Thanks for being here with me to answer the profound question: What does romance mean to you?

ERIC: Thanks for having us. Romance is a wonderful thing!

JERRY: You would say that.

TYRONE: Yeah, he would. But I’m all for romance myself. Though I’m having no luck in the area.

JERRY: And whose fault is that?

ERIC: I don’t think we’re answering CJane’s question, though. What does romance mean to us? For me, it’s always been confusing. Like, I never think anyone is interested and I’m always surprised when romance happens.

JERRY: I can attest to that.

ERIC: But when it happens, it’s the greatest thing ever. I love it! It’s all about doing sweet things for someone, showing them how much you care and how thankful you are that they’re in your life.

TYRONE: And Will loves what a mush-ball you are. See, that’s romance to me, too – getting all into someone and doing special things for them. Stop rolling your eyes, Jerry.


TYRONE: Yes. And you’ll roll them again when I say I’ve never had that kind of romance and I’m never gonna.

JERRY: Now, that is a truly ridiculous statement. The “never gonna” part. Not that I believe in that kind of romance, certainly not for me. But you, Tyrone, you’re going to get your happy ending.

TYRONE: You think so?

JERRY: I know so.

ERIC: And remember, Jerry is always right. But Jerry, why do you say you don’t believe in romance?

JERRY: I said “that kind of romance” – the being all gooey. Can you see me being gooey? Right. I guess romance to me (if I was interested, which I’m not) has to do with standing by and for another person. It would be having a person who brings out the best in me. And since that’s clearly not going to happen, why am I even answering this question?

ERIC: You see our problem, CJane. Good luck with ever getting Jerry to a happily ever after. But thank you for mine!

TYRONE: And don’t forget me, okay?

JERRY: (grumbles)

Thank you, guys. I wouldn’t worry about those HEAs, Jerry and Tyrone.

Jerry gets surprised by love in The Player’s Protégé, which will release on May 22. Tyrone’s path to his own lasting romance is told in The Dancer’s Dilemma (not yet available for preorder, but coming out in June).


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The Kinsey Scale and sequel The Player’s Protégé are available to order now.