Hello, All! Welcome to Rainbow Snippets. I’m pleased to bring you a snippet from my upcoming novella, The Player’s Protege. This 2nd story in The Campus Connections series features Jerry, the snarky best friend of Eric in The Kinsey Scale. Cynical Jerry has been tasked by his friends to mentor sweet Arlo in “getting himself out there” after a break up. In the course of his mentoring Arlo, Jerry has a naughty idea…




As he bit into a date, Jerry had a thought—a sudden, delicious, and sinful thought. No. He chewed the date and savored its sticky sweetness. Why not? Who better than you to give the boy some practical sexual instruction? It doesn’t have to mean anything, and when you’re done with him, he’ll be an awesome top. Jerry squirmed as he tried to beat back his desire with a shred of common sense.


You’re a sly one, Jerry Helstrom! Look for The Player’s Protege this June from Dreamspinners. It’s now available to pre-order: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/the-players-protege-by-cjane-elliott-10520-b